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Latest News


3rd May 2019 2019
Recently the Friends of Kings Heath Park did a survey. Top of the list came playground equipment.
We have good news. A very very kind individual has donated a large amount of money to us which had enabled us to purchase some equipment for Kings Heath Park.
The money has now been transferred to the council who are now taking the playground equipment project forward. As soon as we get updates we will keep you posted.


23rd February 2019
Big thank you to all who completed our online survey. It has given us a good picture of what is important to you regarding The playground equipment & Forest Schools came high on the agenda. We are currently liaising with the council to move these projects forward.



7th January 2019
A big thank you to all our dedicated volunteers (and committee) who continued to help us during 2018. Your support is really appreciated.
We have lots in the planning for 2019. Please keep an eye on our ‘events page’ to together with our other social media outlets.



8th November 2018
The Friends of Kings Heath Park together with the Cartlands Tea Rooms and Kings Heath Park Ranger Service will be holding their first Christmas event this year on Saturday 15th December 2018.

Family Festive Tea Experience at Kings Heath Park. For details click on the below link
Click here for our flyer .pdf



15th September 2018
The Friends of Kings Heath Park will be doing woodturning and scroll-sawing demonstrations in the park very soon.
We will also be selling products made. All funds raised will be put back into the park to help with future events and general maintenance.



23rd February 2018
As a member of the Friends of Kings Heath Park committee I would like to give out a huge thank you to all those who contributed to the Just Giving appeal. After fees a total of £446.23 was raised and will be given the the Rangers to help replace tools that were recently stolen.

Thank you again to all those that contributed!


16th October 2017
We have had a busy weekend. Firstly a big thank you to all who came and helped on the Pool last Saturday. The work is really beginning to make a difference. Secondly thank you to all who came to our ‘Friends Group Community Meeting’ on Sunday. There was some really good ideas discussed which I am sure will come to fruition in the very near future.
Click here for images



10th October 2017
Well we have started the work on the Pool in Kings Heath Park. Yesterday nine people turned up and really mucked in. We removed the large branch from the middle of the Pool and started work along one side of the embankment. We also cleared a lot of debris from the Pool itself. The next Pool day is this Saturday 14th October 1030 x 1430hrs meeting outside the Rangers office. If we can make the same progress as we made yesterday, there will be a significant improvements to the Pool in the next few months. We will be posting further dates very soon. Thank you all. Brilliant team work.



2nd October 2017
Our Litter Pick on Sunday 1st October was well attended.
We had 20 volunteers turn up for our first event. Amazing.
So many bags of litter were brought back including needles, a vacuum found in the trees,
a rusty scooter and a beanbag. Thank you to all the volunteers.