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Virtual Forest School

Dean, the Ranger who works with Friends of Kings Heath Park, has posted some interesting nature info for the Bournville Park Forest School, and an invitation to share pictures.

This is something that anyone can do individually in our gardens or local open spaces, so it would be fun to encourage the children we know to join in!

If you’re signed up to Facebook, you can link to the Friends of Kings Heath Park Facebook page here:

Link to the Bournville Park Facebook page here:

Nothing can stop Bournville Forest School… join our virtual forest school with Ranger Dean!


Worms have been around for 600 million years. They were one of the first insects on the Earth. Charles Darwin put them at number one – the most amazing creature on the planet! They only travel around 50 metres in 4 years. They eat the leaves/matter in the ground and make worm poo. Very important word – worm poo! Everyone loves it.

Please look for worms and pick them up. Then take a photo of the longest worm you find and share it on our Facebook page so we can all see them!

Remember that worms were around when the dinosaurs walked the Earth


With the sun high in the sky and the temperature rising, we will start to see BEES and WASPS appearing and if you’re very lucky – a BUTTERFLY. Pollinating wasps and bees evolved from parasitic wasps due to flowers being a new food source of food, producing pollen and nectar.

Bees and wasps are one of the most important insects on the planet.

Count how many you see in your garden and post your drawings or photos on Facebook so l can see them!

Hope you are all well and I look forward to hearing from you,

Ranger Dean

Bournville Virtual Forest School

Making your garden more fun for wildlife!

Part 1: Making a wild flower bed

Do you have a part of your garden where the soil is very dry and nothing much grows? Then this is perfect for a wild flower bed. Wild flowers grow all over the world and require very little care and watering. They prefer soil with little or no nutrients and some sunlight.

As the flowers grow they will provide food for wildlife and fill your garden with beautiful colours and smells.

Follow the instructions on a packet of wildflower seeds, sit back and enjoy watching them grow!

I would also love you to write a list or draw the flowers in your garden and mark on a map where they come from. You will be able to explore the world from your own back garden!

Please share your pictures and photos on Facebook so l can see them!

Ranger Dean

TRAP DOOR – Bournville Virtual Forest School

Have you ever wondered what happens in your garden at night when you’re asleep or when you’re out and about playing? Find out what mini beasts live and move around your garden by making a trap door!

Dig a hole and place a plastic container into the ground. This should be level with the surface. Then put one or two leaves in it. Finally, find a board and cover it over. You might want to decorate your board. I called mine “Trap Door” and drew a spider on it!

Leave the container loosely covered overnight and see in the morning who has been in your garden. You can print off the bug sheet and record your findings!

Please post pictures and photos of what you find, l would love to see them!

Ranger Dean

COLLAGE – Bournville Virtual Forest School

If you have still got some Mother’s Day flowers in the house, or you can find some dandelions, daisies or buttercups growing in the grass, why not use them to make a collage?

A collage is a piece of art made by sticking various different materials onto a picture.

You might also want to add leaves or sticks for extra texture.

Why not create a collage of an animal or a mini-beast? Use your imagination!

Please post your pictures as l would love to see them!

Ranger Dean

STICK FAMILY – Look around your garden or local park and find sticks to make a stick family!Use string or wire to hold their arms and legs together. Dress them using leaves or household objects. Then create a home for them in your garden! Please send in your pictures and drawings, l would love to see them!Ranger Dean

JOKES & DRAWINGS – Bournville Virtual Forest School Every day Ranger Dean walks to work in Kings Heath park. On the way he looks forward to seeing someone’s jokes and drawings. Make the world a happier place by leaving pictures or jokes for people to read as they walk past your house. Please post your photos for all to share!Ranger Dean