About Us

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Established in July 2017 the Friends of Kings Heath Park are volunteers who work together with Birmingham City Council and the Park Ranger Service to help maintain Kings Heath Park, for the whole community and future generations, and to support events that bring people together. 

Kings Heath Park is there for everyone and we wish to encourage continued use of the park for relaxation, recreation and enjoyment for all. The diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and positively valued within the Friends of Kings Heath Park. 



  • We hold regular litter picking events, and days for maintaining the pond, woodland and fruit garden. 
  • We arrange free social events in the park, and festive and seasonal events, where possible.
  • We assist the Rangers in their events, such as Christmas Wreath making and children’s parties around the fire bowl in the park.
  • We work with other groups in the park such as the Thrive charity and the Cartlands Tea Rooms  in collaborative events for the enjoyment of park users.

If you would like to be involved and become a member please go to our ‘contact us’ page.




Committee Members


Chair – Gill Holmes

Treasurer – Liza Paul

Member – Brian Holmes

Member – Christine Wright

Member – Clare Taylor


Park Ranger & Adviser – Dean Paul